An update on life

I’m here, I keep forgetting I pay to have this diary available to me. I’ll try to make this quick since I am working this week, which I shouldn’t be. Jobs in the past always allowed us a long holiday off, and this time at this job, it is not the case. I should have taken time off, but I didn’t have enough hours due to using vacation hours for sick time. I had a bacterial infection in my lungs last week and was on antibiotics for a while. I am finally doing better, but I had to use PTO hours, which sucked.

I’m STILL living with Roomie. Still. It’s been 15 months of pure hell with some sprinkles of good times. I have lost my cool with her a few times, but I am doing my best to deal. She has paid me maybe $300 towards the $4000 loan I gave her last year. I wrote up an entire list of what she owes me for and she argued with me about stuff that she has no place to argue about. She wants to challenge me over these loans, and after speaking to a lawyer, I am the owner of her furniture and if she can furnish proof that she does not have to pay me back for Botox and lip injections, then she can challenge me. I did not spend a few thousand at the clinic on her as a GIFT. Now, I will admit that I did say I was taking her to the clinic for her birthday, but there was never an agreement that I was paying for all of it!! On the sheet, I pointed out that I will pay for $400 of it as a gift, and that is WELL over anything I’ve spent on anyone for a gift. She’s nuts.

The good news is: She is back with her ex. The revolving door of men has finally stopped and she no longer is charging for her ‘services’. She still does not have a job, either. It has been a year since she’s had income. We’ve been living off of her EBT card for a while and we did a few drive up food bank bag grabs. She’s been getting the food for me in place of paying me for utilities, which is not really working out since I can’t figure out how much the food is actually worth. I’m just rolling with it for now. Meanwhile, my income is suffering due to divorce lawyer bills and my dog will no longer eat dry food out of a bag. I have to buy special food and she finally is healthy again. It makes me very happy to see my dog filling out and not skin and bones like before.

My hope was that she would move in with her ex and leave me alone. Thing is, he’s in it for the nookie. Pretty much. He doesn’t seem interested in someone that is 15 years older than him. I also did a tarot reading for the both of them and the Devil card has come up twice for readings that I’ve done on the relationship. That basically means he just wants sex. That’s all they do, actually. Anyway, enough with that.

Mom is getting on my nerves as well. She doesn’t want to help me, and I don’t want money… I want advice I need her to motivate me! She will not offer. It’s so frustrating that I’m her only child and she doesn’t want to talk to me about the issues I’m having. Rent is going up about $100 in a few months. I honestly don’t have an extra $100 laying around for that. I just want to go back to bed.

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