Here we go again…

I posted a rather long entry yesterday, as I needed to get stuff off my chest regarding relationships. Yesterday, I decided it was ‘be nice to roomie’ day since I had no patience for her while being hormonal and emotional. I swear to you, this happened all in ONE DAY.

I get up as usual, work, and she gets up at noon, as usual. Gives me dirty looks for not feeding the cats. She says she has a date at a very upscale place with a very high profile person. She started putting makeup on and getting ready, but asked me what we were eating for lunch. I said I was planning on doing errands around town and getting something to eat, and she said she wanted to go. I had to return something and ended up in a 45-min line while she waited in the car. She kept texting and calling non-stop. I ignored it. Why? I waited 8 hours at the hospital with her months ago with no food or water available during COVID. SHE can wait. “I was stuck in the car with the sun in my eyes”! Boo-hoo, bitch.

As we sat and ate, we had learned that masks were now required again for indoor establishments. Not a fun thing to learn. She told me all about her upcoming date, and how it would only be an hour long. Weaved within this conversation was her dropping a huge bombshell into my lap. “So, we are not qualified for renter’s assistance.” Uhhhh, excuse me? I just kept chewing my Kung Pao. If you have read my other entries, you would know that she owes about $12,000 in past due rent. I’ve been paying my share since day ONE, because I am not dumb enough to rent a place I can’t afford. However, I am dumb enough to allow someone to move in with me who can’t afford to take a shit. Upon learning this, I just sank back into my seat. “Okay.. we can figure this out later… we need to focus on getting kitty litter right now.” I swallowed hard.

She came back from her date and couldn’t wait to spill the details. She could tell I was not in the mood to hear about how big his penis was or if he had a nice butt. I really do not care. What I did learn is that he was extremely good looking and engaged. He works for a high profile company. Apparently, his relationship is open.. but I call bullshit on that, but whatever. I hear these younger folks are into polyamory these days, and I do not want to hear shit about it. Do your thing, but don’t let it affect my life or ruin my own relationship. My roomie is not really good looking, and let’s just say my BF cringes when he thinks about someone having sex with her. I am not sure how she bags (beds) all of these hot guys, but they are all married or in a relationship!

So, lingering in my mind is the thought of where this jobless person is going to come up with $13,000, and where I am going to live if we are evicted when she doesn’t pay. I’d have to put all my crap in a storage unit and figure out what to do, live at mom’s for a bit. I don’t know. Roomie keeps receiving overdue bill notices from catalog companies that she bought shoes and clothes from. She received a ton of department store packages a few months ago and spent her tax return. That return was supposed to go to me to pay for the furniture I purchased for her…none of that money went to me. Then she comes into my room and tells me another crazy thing… so.. several months ago, she slept with someone who was on the job, in uniform, and she has the photos to prove it. I thought it was a one time event, like, what are the chances of that happening? He called to ask to see what she was doing tonight. He wants to see her again! I am floored, disgusted, turned so wayyy off. Ladies, there are nasty men out there. Guys with good jobs, clean-looking, with families, and they are sleeping with this sorry excuse of a woman in MY HOUSE! How can you trust any man after seeing this revolving door of professional men coming through? And yes, if you’re wondering if I’ve told her to stop doing this, I have. She does not care.

Living rent-free and mooching off of someone, getting very handsome men with impressive bodies and appendages is the ultimate middle-aged woman’s dream, right? I want to know what YOU think will happen to her when we are slapped with an eviction notice. She doesn’t seem to be worried at all.

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August 5, 2021

She sounds like a real winner. /sarcasm I would start finding elsewhere to live, SANS annoying af roomie!!

August 5, 2021

@kartoffeltorte I actually cannot move out. The complex will charge me about $6000 to break the lease and since I am legally 50% responsible for paying rent, I will most likely still have to pay 50% of what she still owes. I lived at this complex before she did, and there is a reason why I chose this one… to take care of my sick mother who lives nearby. It’s gated and safe. There are no comparable places nearby. I do not want to leave, but I hope she gets kicked out by the landlord and I am able to stay. It cost me $1,000 in movers costs, plus a deposit at a new place is just not realistic at all.

August 5, 2021

@eleven-11 *hugs* 😣😕