I’m too sensitive for this school thing. Again, another parent had me in near tears, I couldn’t breathe listening to her tell her child about ignoring them and all the things I say to my child about it.

I guess it just hit a chord with me. Kids are so damn cruel. I got it severely in school, all the way up until I was able to just walk away from graduation.

Ten years later I did get the apology…. That I think I wrote about in here once already.


Anyway my heart is all mush now. A bunch of emotions going on. I did talk with the parent who spoke with her child about it.

I hate mean kids. I hate their parents even more for teaching their children to pick on others, or maybe they are getting it at home, too.

Break the fucking toxic ass cycle!!

Teach your kids to boost each other up, not bring each other down.

Uggggh. If my daughter gets treated to the severity like I did, I will pull her out of school so fast and just do homeschool. It’s more acceptable now than it ever was when I was a kid and I wish I had been, then.

That’s my plan.

Anyway I want to make an apple pie.

But I’m out of butter.

My mom will be here at some point. I’ll ask her to bring me a stick because I am not going anywhere, today.

I do need to clean and maybe do some laundry, again.

Other than that, not sure what to do about dinner.

Went to hometown, yesterday and I got fresh asparagus, bananas and some other stuff. Later, we went to the food bank annnnd they had asparagus there, too.

And broccoli. And cabbage. And lunch meat.

A few canned goods. Honestly, I really am grateful but I’ve seen and volunteered at better places and I wish I could find where that one moved to.

Let’s not get started about that racetrack….


Oh .. And the food bank had salad.

So it’s going to be a simple day of something quick

Soup, salad and a blt sandwich, I think.

Tomorrow is my son’s big field trip.

My mom is going to give him some cash for it so he can enjoy his time there.

A part of me knows he will end up spending it on games, tho. Lol they’ll give food too but I just know how he is .

It was absolutely Frosty this morning. I turned the damn heat on in here, last night. I did cover my tomato plants but one bag came loose. We shall see.

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