Sick of sick

Welp…. An executive decision has been made. My kid is home from school tomorrow. I really, really can’t wait for school to be done so my kids can stop getting every damn germ.
Idk what this one is other than a sinus infection but it really sucks. Shes really particular wirh medicine. I ran out of the childrens chewable grape flavored claritin and forgot if i got the generic or not. I got the generic this morning annnd she tells me its the wrong kind because the numbers aren’t the same as what she had yesterday but after tons of debating and explaining the importance of taking medicine, and much more reluctance than i have patience for, she finally took it….
With water.
I hope she will return on Tuesday because on Thursday is K graduation and a little ceremony that I’m really excited to see.


Anyway, the parts for my truck were finally put on this weekend.

It needed front end crap.  Its been almost a year.

Dude that quoted me said over 1000 and it was over 500 for the parts alone.

Found a kit online for 350.

Ordered it. Its been sitting here ever since.

So now after all that’s done, i need the new tires switched over, an alignment, then the shocks, breaks, rotors, new battery and a tune up.

Also gonna try to go to the junk yard and find a heater/ac thing to get that up again.

Honestly if it wasn’t for the slap stick inspection, i would be screwed.

Then… i started thinking here about writing to her dad.

And then all the crap i would say to him… and i remembered thats why i created this place and so here i am.

His next hearing is two days before my bday.

I guess this will be the jury thing.

Hes gonna get time. Hes manipulating it to sit in county for awhile because I’m sure he would prefer it to the unknown state.

He did go far away last time and I’m sure doesn’t want to do that again.

Even though he got transferred a few times.

I just wonder who he has now to help him.

I doubt his older kids will. I know his sisters won’t.







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