Just ugh

Working online, got a few sales, but not nearly enough.  Supposedly hes getting paid Saturday for the two days he did work already.

Saturday,  they’re supposed to get the stuff and work on the bathroom and kitchen.

I’m going to my moms and i plan to take pics as much as i can.

My head is pounding but my girl made it to school,  today.

Tomorrow i pick up my son, then get her.

Trying hard to figure out my next meal plan. I need to check the ingredients left and see what i can do with it all…

I paid on the electric bill, my car insurance and the rent.

I’m pretty good with struggle meals and stretching everything but this means the kids can’t have snacks.

I made a cake but its almost gone already. I made cookies,  they’re gone too.

I want to go to hucksters tho. I can fill my cart for $40 bucks on discounted groceries but the gas to get there would be pushing it. Dinner was made, today. It felt nice to not have to do that too, and i appreciate it greatly.

Time for my girl to do homework,  soon. Then bath, then i want sleep.


Bet it won’t happen until 11, tho.



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