I finally have a little peace today, while she’s at school. I forgot she had a test today for math, and tomorrow for spelling. I must remember to have her study when she gets home.

Its just so weird,  a first grader taking a test.

Just… weird.

Also, i am still trying desperately to get rid of this crazy coughing.

Ran to the store to grab a few things. I loathe daily shopping but what else can i do? I did get a 3 pack of pre seasoned chicken thighs for 2.50.

Might try it later.

And my favorite Italian loaf bread.

I am doing better w sales this week, so its encouraging me to continue on my path to selling, but i do think my best days are on Thursdays and the weekends.

Tomorrow,  we’ll go to hucksters, and dollar tree and do what i can w my funds.

Second week hes probably not working,  so next up is just scheduling something to get that truck out for scrapping.

And then i can at the very least begin shopping.

I have a few ideas this year. I’m writing them down so i do not forget them.

Back to my listings.

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