The sickness

I feel like shhhhht and i am completely exhausted.  Yet, i wanted to also spend some time with my son. So, he’s making me a celeste pizza we jazzed up with more cheese before we put that frozen crap in the oven. No wonder it was on sale!

My girl was off the chains this eve once again,  and then idiot just acts so damn childish right along w her.

I honestly don’t know wtf to do but he needs to go back to working so i can have some peace. Like today, i saw this delicious looking recipe and i made it for him.

I had planned on making the kids some leftovers along w a grilled cheese and i wanted one as well.

He sat and ate his two fancy sandwiches i made, as i made the kids their dinner. I’d have typically gave them all the same but my kids would hate it.

And i was hungry too.

I made my girl her mac and cheese and she ate an entire sliver of watermellon by herself.

My son had mac and cheese leftovers as well as a grilled cheese and i wanted a grilled cheese too.

So i didn’t even sit and hes up ripping apart the living room to clean it.

It just couldn’t wait.

So i didn’t get to eat, properly because he was in a rush.

And i wanted to clean the floors before he put it all back.

Its just shit like that and i honestly feel like he does this intentionally.


Just…. ugh.




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