So, i know he was homeless,  he lived w his sister, back to homeless again… and now hes living w her.

Doing and saying all the same stuff he did w me.

Whatever. I cry when my daughter talks about him, which is often but I’m really trying to get over it.

Trauma. Narcissistic asshole.

Anyway,  i have surgery on monday.

In August, i get my upper teeth extracted and i will finish getting my dentures and watch me glow, then.

Jeff wants to give it a go after all these years and i am giving it a lot of thought.  I blew him off for years. Maybe its just time.


I’m trying sooo hard to not put my insecurities into this thing, but we will see what happens.  I’m just not chasing and thats really a hard thing for me to control.

Then, i think maybe its because im not sure i am attracted to him, or what.

So, I’m gonna keep my mouth shut, see what happens and if nothing, then its nothing.


Get over one, get under another.


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