Saint Patties Day Pubbing

The irony of the featured picture is that this was not from St. Patties Day last weekend, but from a different time when we hung out with friends at an Irish pub. Yes, I know that today is technically St. Patties, but since it falls on a day during the week, we celebrate party holidays the weekend before. It’s been a while since I posted on OD, so you might not know which one is me in the pic. I’ll give you hint. I’m a guy. 😉

We had a good time last weekend as well. We did NOT go to an Irish pub, but a sports bar with an 80’s rock band on the stage. The band was really good and the singer had a fantastic voice. He totally nailed Steve Perry’s voice from Journey. The dance floor was pack and we got out there and shook our asses.

I was happy to see our new MLS soccer team, the St. Louis City SC, win their 3rd game; the only undefeated team left in the entire league. STL is all in with St. Louis City SC. We saw our first home game at a local bar. A couple people from our “crew” (half of our crew are pictured in the feature image) did a bar scouting, including a couple of our favorite spots, and it was packed full everywhere. Finally they settled on a bar we’ve been to a few times and reserved a couple of tables for everyone in our group. By the time we got there, every single table and bar stool was taken. And when STL would score a goal the place would erupt like mad making it feel like you were in our brand new soccer stadium. Hopefully we can stay undefeated tomorrow.

Its also great to see STL supporting our XFL football team the Battlehawks. I’m all-in with the Battlehawks. I was all-in with the XFL when they revived it in 2020 before a small life interruption rudely sidelined the fledgling league, forcing it to close its doors. We packed the Dome in 2020, and we packed the Dome once again last weekend. I hope our rabid fans can do it again tomorrow. GO BATTLEHAWKS! And GO STL CITY SC!

Thanks for stopping by my reinvigorated diary. I hope that you enjoyed my little story.


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March 17, 2023

Same old EWS. It’s like I never left. 😁