Rolling As We Giggle!

Let world weep, I’m laughing and singing ‘cause I’ve got my beautiful her

Laughing at the wind.  Crying in the rain out of gratitude

Thanking God I have eyes to see the warmth of her smile

Running through green carpet meadow and sea spray beaches

My yellow lab named Blue at my side

Thanking God I have the legs to run carefree against the wind

Falling on tall grass, rolling as we giggle

Carefree once again, Me, O’ Blue and you

Thanking God I have hands and arms to hug you

Calling out to Blue, calling out to you

Thanking God I have a voice with which to say

“I will always, always love you   -yeah”

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February 20, 2019

This has such a happy and joyful feel to it. ❤️

February 21, 2019

Love this!