Front Desk?!

I’m a pre-K teacher at a little private school.  Because we are not a wealthy school and my class is small I have no aide. When I need a break I find a way.  Last week a certain three year old was my line leader. I told him to line them up at the door and informed him that he would be leading them to the front desk. This was so I could leave them all there while I went to the restroom. Well another student caused a delay and when we got back to the business of leaving I asked the line leader if he remembered where to go.


Good! Where are we going?

Fat ass.

ummm, where?

Fat ass!

I had to remember what I told him in order to reverse interpret.  😂

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November 14, 2022

Hilarious! I love how kids try to interpret what they hear. Adults must be incomprehensible at times.

November 14, 2022

Lol, he thought he was saying front desk same as me.  Still has a little bit of baby talk.  😃

January 2, 2023