Jury Duty

Yesterday I had to report to the courthouse for a jury duty summons. I was hoping to be selected for the week-long civil trial. Unfortunately, I didn’t match what they were looking for. I was disappointed. At least it got me out of work for a day, and my employer still pays me for it. Jury duty selection is an interesting study in sociology. Some people were in bad health. I was worried we would have to call for an ambulance before the end of the day. The case involved a car accident, and potential jurors were asked about their histories with car crashes. Several people in the group had lost a child in a car accident. Several others had their own serious medical issues from car accidents. Some folks were well spoken, while others lacked proper decorum for a courtroom. One man showed up in shorts and flip flops, and I think he did it to avoid being selected. Six jurors were selected, and I think they all had stories related to personal injuries. That would probably be a benefit to the plaintiff.

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