Medical Marijuana Card

My anxiety has been worse lately, and I think it mostly stems from my job. I’m really unhappy on my current team. I’m just not fulfilled, and I’m constantly worried about making mistakes. My regular anxiety medicine doesn’t seem to be helping anymore. So, I’ve decided to try medical cannabis. I won’t be smoking or vaping. I’ve never done that, and I have no plans to start. I’m trying a tablet form that is intended for daytime use. I just took my first tablet this morning, starting with half a tablet since I’ve never used cannabis before. I’m hoping this will help. It can take a couple of hours to kick in, and I just took it 45 minutes ago. I talked it over with my husband before doing this, and he reacted the way I expected. He rolled his eyes multiple times, and he didn’t like the idea. However, I told him I need to try something new for my anxiety. Getting the medical marijuana card for the state was almost too easy. I did a virtual visit with an authorized provider that lasted less than 5 minutes. then I got an email from the State of Florida to create an account. Once I created the account, I was able to buy medical marijuana. Will see how it goes.

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