Well god damn, what are you doing here?

*Blows dust off this lil old diary* Hello old friend… it’s been a while. I thought I lost you.

Yes, I do look older… thanks for pointing that out 😑 I don’t have long hair down to my butt anymore… in fact, I don’t have a lot of hair at all, but at least it’s still red(… for now at least) I’m still a massive fan of pro wrestling! Not so much a fan of Randy Orton anymore, don’t get me wrong he’s still handsome… But now, it’s all about that Jon Moxley. Believe it or not, I still write and read fanfiction! You might be able to tell by the actual literal sense this entry has formed, people mock me for it and that’s ok, but it helped me understand my dyslexia more than teachers and curriculum learning ever could. But adulthood hasn’t changed me all that much, I’m still that socially awkward goth girl full of teenaged angst that you knew and loved. But, to be honest, a lot has changed for me since I was 16.

Well, where do I start…

I can legally drink now, which is a fucking delight! I thought the novelty of buying alcohol would have worn off by now but… I guess not lol. I can also drive now, although according to the law I can’t do the two things together.

I went to college. Studied animal care for the best part of 4 years. Wanted to become a vet. But when I realised it was another 5 years of study and student debt, I decided it probably wasn’t for the best. I’m now a graphic designer and Video editor… a little different career path to cute fully critters I’ll admit, but I guess playing with photoshop and enforcing all those garish backgrounds upon you back in the day paid off. While at college I met some wonderful people who I now consider my closest friends. Oh, and the ones I used to talk about back then at school, they’re still hanging around. I love them all each a little bit more every day 😊

That boy ‘Edward’ I used to write every entry about turned out to be a weird pervert, and I haven’t spoken about him or even thought about him in years (until now at least.) In Fact, I’m actually getting married! Keeping up the tradition of pseudonyms names we shall refer to him as Cas. We live together in a tiny house, but we make it work. I mean… after all, it has been 12 years, you would have thought it would work by now. We also have a dog and a cat! After years of begging my parents for a pet 2 come along at once and I adore them both. They always make me smile by doing stupid shit.

Speaking of the Overlords, they’re good, but since moving out I just refer to them as mom and dad now.

I’ve travelled, I finally got to go out of the country! Granted, not as much as I would have liked (that shits expensive) but I got to go to Disneyworld AND Wrestlemania!!… I know! (not in the same trip obvs lol)

I guess my two biggest change since we last spoke was discovering that there actually was something wrong with me. All those angsty ‘its just a phase’ entries I wrote turned out to be something a lot more serious. About 10 years ago I got diagnosed with Depression. I have my good days and bad, just like most people, and I’m handling it the best way I know how. But now your back, I guess this is just add to another form of therapy.

The other big change in my life (or not, depending on how you look at it) about 4 years ago I came out as Bisexual. I realise in this day and age its not that much of a big deal, plus the fact that I’m marrying a boy so it shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. But it was incredible how liberating it felt just to admit it. I think not being able to admit it for a long time didn’t help with the whole ‘depression thing’ but it’s nice to finally be ok with who I am, and that it’s ok to like boys, girls and everyone else in between.

Well… I think that’s everything. You’re pretty much all caught up. Till next time my dude

GS x

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