Complaining About People Who Complain About Complainers

(Boring, unrelated part ->) Up at 2:30 in the morning. I wake up in the middle of the night every night. I’ve thought about picking up painting – I’d be rubbish at it, but I wonder if it wouldn’t also be a good outlet for me. I love writing, and I’m currently working on a novel about a supernatural academy with all sorts of magical races in it – very cliché, but it’s fun to write at least and my mind can do a lot with it. I tend to take ideas and put a different twist on them anyway, so I don’t think it’ll turn out too cliché.

I’m pretty content right now, compared to … you know … the rest of my life. Medicine seems to be doing the trick for depression, but boy is my sleep cycle off. I’ll be wired awake at 2:30 in the morning, but sleep the rest of the day away. I even switched my medicine to be in the morning – hasn’t made a damn bit of difference. (End Boring Unrelated Part).

Time for a complaining sesh. Don’t like complainers? Too bad, everyone does it, even the people who say they hate complainers.

I’m tired of being overweight, counting calories and walking, and it not budging the scale. I’m tired of anything over 2-ply toilet paper plugging up my bathroom toilet. I’m tired of the pimple on my face. Honestly, if this is the worst it gets, I’m doing pretty well, right? (First-world-probs).

But no, for real, it annoys me when people are like “I don’t like complainers! Waah!” Well, you are complaining about complainers? So, like, I don’t get it…

When people complain, it’s because they are unhappy with something and it needs to be addressed. People who complain just happen to be more vocal with their discontent, and key being, they feel they have no control over the issue but that other people DO have the control to change something (in most cases).

“Well, don’t complain about the things you can’t change.” So? Sure, there are certain things I can’t change, like the pimple on my face (the other two, yes, I can change). But there are certain things I can’t change and other people can – for example, the culture in a work organization. At my previous job, people would bitch about complainers, and yet the work culture sucked because the CEO was an asshat and management was scared to death for their jobs.

I honestly can’t believe I spent 9 years molding myself to fit their picture of the ideal-esque employee. I mean, I changed MYSELF. My identity. I literally have work PTSD from that place. Adam and Trish thank God were able to handle the changes (poorly at times), but everyone else was like: I don’t know what to do with this (see System Commentary entry if there is some confusion over this statement).

So, ironically, I am complaining about people who complain about complainers. Man, that’s a mind-blown statement.

Anyway, off my soapbox now. Going to do some more writing or like, things that aren’t complaining. Byeee.

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