Good (but Exhausting) Day

Seems I’m usually exhausted with getting used to my new medicine. It was a good day today. Apparently I didn’t do that badly coaching my peer yesterday, as we had the feedback sessions today.

I took care of myself today. Drank water and ate when I needed to (compared to not doing so yesterday). Maybe my body hurt so much yesterday because I was dehydrated.

Supposed to do a coaching session tonight with someone. Hopefully the person sticks to it and we get it done.

So sleepy. Might take a nap.

Overall, rather eventful yet uneventful day. No strong negative emotions at least. Rather content at the moment, aside from my legs hurting (they always hurt though, unless I take Ibuprophen).

Ever feel like something significant is going to happen in the next few hours? I have no idea what. It’s just a gut feeling… may update if that’s the case. Done writing for now, though.

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March 28, 2021

Hi! I am Sammy…