Not As Bad As I Thought

So my kitty Pumpkin is joining me as I write this entry. Finished my coaching class – I am now officially a MCLC. Exciting stuff. =)

Today’s session showed me I can be an effective coach, even while dealing with mental health issues. That’s what my session was about when I was a client – if I could be an effective coach myself even while having MDD and DID. And I can be. It can also help me relate with people who may be going through tough mental health challenges themselves. Mind you, Jennifer (alter) was trying to stop me from talking about this issue every step of the way.

But ultimately, it turned out to be okay. More than okay – it was illuminating. What a life-changing class this was, genuinely.

May write some system commentary separately tonight. Just wanted to give this as an update.

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March 29, 2021

Lovely kitty Pumpkin is. I have a personality that thinks he’s all that. I fight him tooth and nail too. 🙂