Nowhere Left to Sink

Like Moths to Flames

6:48 am

I didn’t think that I was going to fall asleep till late last night because of that nap I took, but I don’t think it was more than a half hour and I was out like a light.

Busy day today. Well, The second half will be busy. This morning I’ll be at senior housing. Tiny place, and hopefully won’t be as dusty as the first time I was there. But you never know. Some places are just dust bowls.

Then I’ll be at Client #2’s house (I really need to print off the nic name list lol) until it’s time to leave for my Dr. appt. I don’t know what time I’ll get home. Probably around 6? 7? Depends on how busy the Dr is and how much arguing I’ll have to do with her. I always ask for pain meds post injections because I hurt for a few days after (but then I have relief for a few months) and I only ask for 5 days worth… ::sigh:: It’s just such drama over ten pills. Stupid, really.

Ugh and I just got a text from that one woman that lives waaaaaaay out in the sticks (ok I have a few that live waaaaay out) The one that I’ve only cleaned for once before… the one who cleaned the house before I got there to clean the house. She wants me to clean some time this week, but I’m booked up. Now if Client #2 doesn’t need me again on Thursday, I can have my friend clean at 1’s place that day (maybe. if she’s free) and I can go to the other womans house. Oy.

I guess we’ll wait and see.

12:03 pm

Client #2 rescheduled because she didn’t want me to try to drive up the hill and end up in a ditch. She says it’s just one big hunk of ice. Now I’ll be going over on Saturday.

I’m really not sure about having my friend clean at #1’s house and going to that lady’s house. I feel like it would be a waste of my time going there because her house isn’t dirty. The wear and tear on the blazer, the damn gas prices have gone up… I just don’t know. I’m still thinking on it. I have to decide by tonight though. Actually I should send my friend a message first. She may not be available. I know they’re short at the hospital (some things never change) so she may be pulling OT.

So now that I’m home, waiting for 4:30 to roll around to head to the Doctors, I’m bored, and my brain is being stupid and just thinking about the pain that I’m in. I need a distraction. It used to be coloring. Stupid ass wrist. I guess I could at least try to color. Meh. I just don’t have any interest in doing anything. Ok I lie. What I really want to do is go take pictures in town or wherever. If the weather wasn’t shit, I would. It’s only 30 degrees right now, and it won’t warm up until after nightfall. Rain will move in at about 6 and continue till at least 2 pm tomorrow. Looks like Wednesday is the only day that we might see a little sun. Maybe I’ll bring my camera along and stop in town on my way back from work.

Still wish I had someone to go with me. Why it bothers me so much is beyond me. It’s stupid.

7:12 pm

Would you believe I just got home a little bit ago from the Dr? My appointment was at 5:30, I didn’t get in the room until 6:30. I get it, though. It’s Monday. Mondays are always crazy, but there was no place to sit and standing in one spot was making me die.

She found 12 trigger points that were huge, but obviously couldn’t inject them all. So we played the “which one hurts the worst” game and injected three.

I should have asked for a toradol shot while I was there. I need to ask about that. Like, if I get like I am today, if I can call and they could just give me a toradol shot to give me relief for a day. Sometimes the shot kind of “resets” me because I’m not all curled up with pain. And then she won’t give me a hard time about asking for pain meds. Although she didn’t have a problem today. I only asked for the five days worth. Hopefully I’ll feel better by the end of it, but this pain has just been gaining ground over the past few weeks because of the shitty weather.

Oh. Talked to my friend to see if she could clean, and she can’t (for good reasons) so that makes up my mind about the “clean the house before the cleaning lady comes” person. I’m really tempted to squeeze her in on Wednesday. But… shit. I need to send that one a text, too. I better do that.

See ya.

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