Velvet Elvis

Kasey Musgraves

3:01 pm

I shouldn’t have sat down. I know better. A body in motion stays in motion. I have a ton of straightening up to do in the kitchen area (and the bloody table that collects everything brought into the house), but I said “I need coffee” and here I am.

I annoy myself.

Alpenhorn today. Not much for me to do so I finally saw the wine cellar and cleaned it. How long have I been cleaning there? It’s been several months. I always say I’m going to check it out, but never seem to have time. Super energy down there, and the sound with the vaulted ceiling is amazing. lol my puny cell phone sounded great! And yes, I was singing at the top of my lungs. Kinda like singing in the shower. You always sound better lol

I took many pictures hoping to catch something but nope. And I forgot my ghost meter again. The pics are pretty cool, though. Here’s my Instagram if you’re bored.

I really need to bring my real camera and tripod and take some good pictures. Hell, the owners may even want to use some of them. And yes, I will charge them. It’s not that I’m being hateful or anything. They are wicked cool people even though OCD man gets on my nerves occasionally. But if they want to use a picture for adverts or something, I need money. I do advertise their place on the Hermann’s Housekeeping page, and tagged them in the pics I took today, I do try to mention them and the Bull and Lion. It’s kind of a professional courtesy, and job security for me.

Now if only they would pass my card to others it would all be cool.

6:33 pm

I swear Tyson knows when I come here and start to write.

I bought a new knife set. All the knives I had down here were pretty much useless, and with me doing the HelloFresh thing I needed real knives.

I got to use them for the first time tonight, and of course, because I’m so used to dull ass knives, I sliced my finger wide open when I went to wipe the blade down to prep another item.
I probably need a stitch in it, but the light saber band aide is holding it together rather well.

My meal tonight was chimichurri chicken paillards. Pretty damn good. I ate too much though. I’m just not used to eating a full meal. I’ve really been horrible about eating lately. Hence, HelloFresh.

But eating makes me so damn tired. I don’t like feeling so heavy and tired. And it’s not like it’s heavy food. Chicken, sweet potato fries and a salad. I swear I could sleep a week right now. I know I need to eat healthy, but… ugh. bleh.

I’m making cooking as fun as I used to find it waaaaay back when. Music, dancing around, singing, and lol instagram. Hey, why not? At least I’m not doing duck face selfies. lol I really fell out of cooking after Pam’s mom died. I cooked every day, y’know? When I didn’t have to cook anymore, I literally didn’t cook anymore.

Damn ADD. Adderall isn’t doing jack shit for me right now. I keep getting distracted. I guess I’ll end it here.

Oh, and I still need ideas for another vlog if you guys want to see my ugly mug again.

See ya.

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