Catching up?

I dont think alot of previous diary friends are back yet.

I finally got a chance to sit down and read where my diary left off.

Its hard to believe what a difference 4 years made.

My husband was going off the deep end. We were ready to divorce.

Well he became disabled and along with the pain and being stuck at home it causes the mind to deteriorate.

I dived in 100% for him. I vowed to care for him and reminded him everyday i loved him inspite of his anger and early dementia.

I was ready to take care of him, and then if HE walked out the door that was his decision.

My emotions and strength for him were 100% led by my faith in God.

He died of a heart attack this past oct, very sudden and unexpected. And our worlds got turned upside down and shaken violently.

As the diary ended my son was leaving for basic training. He has now almost served his 4 years and if he isnt retired out with his injury he will definantly leave when his time is over.

He is captain at a local police department.

He has a wonderful woman by his side. They wont state they are in a relationship, but one can only hope. Whatever happens is meant to be.

The girls. Are still my best friends. My grandbabies are still my world.

I have lost 3 of the 4 pets in my previous writings. Two cancers at 7 years old and 12 years old. One kidney failure at 15 years old.

Ironically the 22 year old cat is left

It blew my mind to read my entries and see where we were 4 years ago

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March 16, 2018

Wow.  That’s a lot of stuff in 4 years.   Day by day, you don’t realize your life is changing monumentally.  You must be a very strong person to have gone through this and still survive.  Like the cat!

March 17, 2018

@onlysujema i hope i am strong. I keep getting told this

March 17, 2018

I’m so glad I can get in here to read you again. It’s just something that after all these years we’re still friends. Thinking of you xox C

March 17, 2018

@paprika_1 me too. Its like a safe place.

And re reading back i remember that it was in fact open diary that deleted my McSpain diary and after many attempts they never could tell me why and said it must have been a mistake, but they never restored it. So its long gone now.