free pantys!

haha yea , so i just had another photo shoot with thomas (my photographer) and it was awesome! this was the sexy lingerie shoot so i had these sexy black and peach lace bra and undies, my victorias secret hot pink and black bustier and undies and then thomas surprised me by pulling out of a box, the complet sexy santa hot pink victorias secret outfit! hat and all! it was so much fun posing in front of the chris tmas tree and using the teddybear and candy canes and wreaths for props! i just know that the pictures are going to turn out to be so good! oh and the best part is that i got a free pear of undies from victorias secret from thomas! ( because i had to wear them) so it  was sweeeet. i cant wait to see the cd of the mastered photos! any who, modeling for thomas isnt uncomfortable at all, he is completely professional and trustworthy. our next shoot will be at hurrican ridge in the snow! that will be awesome ^_^ so yea tonight was fun!

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December 14, 2006

i wish some guy would give me free panties after taking pics of me in sexy lingerie with a teddy bear. j/k Have a Nice Day!

nmb means: note me back ryn means: response to note…i don’t know why the ‘y’ is there…i got ‘ryn’ from a friend a decided to started using it. 🙂