If I Think Spring Thoughts Will Winter Go Away?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the most challenging day of the new job that I’ve had yet. Though, I won’t go into detail, I just wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I didn’t. It was just a task that I need to do from time to time and it’s something I will have to prepare for and get better at. I’m just glad one of my more experienced coworkers came to my aid, but I felt like a failure in her eyes. She kept reassuring me it was okay, but I felt like at this point I should be able to do these things. I am so glad I have today off to regroup and reflect. And to research tips. Thank you Internet!

Anyway, more bad weather last night and into today. We got about 3-4 more inches of snow. UGH! When will it end? I’m so glad I am cozied up at home with my warm, fluffy kitty and trusted throw. I will have to get out and shovel at some point, but I am prolonging it as long as possible. I’m the greatest procrastinator I know! Snow, snow go away, nobody likes you anyway!

My eldest nephew lost his beloved bunny a couple of days ago and has been completely grief stricken. My sister thinks it’s a good idea to have him spend Saturday with me seeing as I lost my beloved dog almost 3 weeks ago. I’ll try my best to bring him some comfort, however, I know that everyone’s grieving process is different from one another. I plan on ordering a pizza and maybe popping in one of his favorite movies and just hang out with him. If he wants to talk, I will definitely listen, but if not, I’m sure me just being there will be comfort enough. I did tell my sister to not force him to come over or even put the idea in his head if he’s not up to it. I definitely do not want him to come to resent me or his parents because he’s not ready to come to terms with his grief. I do want to be able to try and take some of his pain away though. I hate that he’s hurting so much. I definitely know what he’s going through though and I know my sister’s heart is in the right place to try and set something up like this. 

Well, I have a couple of things around the house I want to get done (shoveling not being one of them). I’ll be back again soon!

Your Friend,

That Girl

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