Pick Your Own

It’s one of those days where you just want to complain about everything. Every article you read is garbage, every thread and comment section is loaded with idiot bombs and moron missiles. War,poverty,inequality,racism,shootings,bombings,mass violence, dumbed down nations, apathetic leaders, greed and corporations rule, religion crammed down every orifice at every turn, parents who smack their kids, parents who think fear is respect, the world that treats fear as respect,a world so set apart from one another that sometimes it doesn’t even seem like we all live on the same planet.

America s so overrated, over privileged, overconsumed, oversaturated, disconnected from reality as a whole. It’s wild to watch.  Our leaders should all be expelled from public office, their donors too. There is no democracy, no republic, no strength, no nation We always have been a nation divided.

“Oh, but there is GOOD in the world! See! Put on my rose colored glasses and find out!”
Rose colored glasses hide and disguise the red flags that are warning you everything is not OK here. Red flag serve to guide us where our instincts have been blunted by industry, technology, and ease of life. Our red flags are no longer a tiger in the bush, a mammoth at the watering hole, a tooth infection that can take down a grown adult in weeks, sometimes days. We used to have to fight to survive ,danger was obvious because it was everywhere. Danger never went away, it got better at being disguised and able to hide itself among a lover or a friend. Life got polluted when a big man or many of them living in the sky, disconnected from your day ot day reality, dictated what you should do, where you should go, what you should eat, who you should be friends with, what type of music you listen to, how often you have sex, who you choose to love……and we said, “OK, good! Someone to guide me!” and instead, the word was made blind to its own supernatural power of being a human, of being alive, of being FREE.

So we have our modern convie3nces and call it freedom when we get to chose from 12 specific movies at hundreds of locations in the same geographical area, or twelve specific shows, regardless of our background, interests, hobbies….. if they aren’t mainstream, you don’t see them We use shame, fame, punishment as moral guides not compassion, understanding, and love.  We pretend monogamy is equal to decency and compare vaginas to sandwiches and tuna steaks with varying sizes of holes. We lambast and flambé women who assert their sexuality but if a man isn’t sexually active by 15 there’s something “wrong” with him. We celebrate the female teacher sleeping with a 13 year old child but would publicly flog the men that do…. but we don’t Our priests,teachers,police, doctors,lawyers,judges,businessmen,fathers, brothers, sons, cousins, uncles, nephews….get excuses all day, every day to validate their child predatory practices. The moment a female makes an accusation, she has to prove her worth as a human and a female first, which we never quite do, do we?

We bomb and call it peace. We strip power and called it freedom, we support our troops, no matter how terrible of a person they are and call them all heroes. They aren’t. that’s an unpopular opinion but it’s true. I have military on both sides of my family. They were all alcoholic abusers who had nothing in common, except for the era they grew up in and the military. Do you know how many of our troops are rapists? Murderers? Torturers? And for what—they aren’t keeping us safe. No one has ever attacked us, ever. Pearl Harbor doesn’t count..Hawaii wasn’t even a state yet. These wars on terrorism were created, supported,financially backed —by us, the good ole U.S. of Assholes.We go in when a country doesn’t want to be controlled by a financial system, bring them freedom in the names of bomb,rape,torture,refugees,dead children, and destroyed countries, add in a dash of religious extremism (hello…the US is a force of Christian extremism. don’t get it twisted.)  and you get our current state of affairs.

The leaders don’t care as long as they are getting rich, and believe me they are getting rich. We care more about a royal wedding than we do about dead school kids. We care more about how pretty Trudeau is than understanding he is a war monger too. We don’t give a shit about black lives, brown lives, Asian lves, native lives, trans lives, gay lives, children, animals, the environment. We just don’t, not really not the way we should.

50%, yes 50….of people in America cant pay their bills every month in full, that’s with credit cards for those that can actually get them or want them. We don’t talk about it, why? Why do we spend so much time allowing ourselves to be distracted? We have to play the game to get out of the game,but the game is rigged for us to never get out.

I keep seeing posts and comments about these shitty ass, lazy as fuck men (99.9%) and these women who just accept it. Like—why are you with a human who has no interst in growing, becoming more educated, wants to learn and change the world, one person at a time? Where are all of these strong, independent, smart, funny, hardworking, caring humans we’re all supposed to be?

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