Blessings and new beginnings…

Just back from an Art of Living spiritual retreat.


  • Buy a house
  • Stability for family
  • Financial and time freedom


  • Back pain
  • Didn’t have more fun during childhood
  • Didn’t make more friends
  • Could have spent more quality time with kids
  • Moved to the Bay Area at a huge personal cost to the family, but haven’t made it big (yet) to justify the cost

Dissapointments are not dissapointmens if you still have time to do something about them

  • Spend more quality time with kids and family and parents
  • Take risks and shoot for the senior leadership role
  • Bring myself FULLY (present, engaged, enthusistic) into every interaction
  • Have FUN (it is an attitude, not a set of “fun” things to do), and spread fun /energy to family members and friends /colleagues

Unfulfilled desires and dissapointments create a negative state of mind. Be aware of desires and dissapointments, and act towards achieving them by all means. BUT, don’t let them grip you so strongly that you are not able to fully embrace and enjoy what is right in front of you. Because what is right in front of you now (your health, kids, energy levels) are also fleeting, so enjoy them while they last.

I am part of space – space is quiet and expansive/vast.

The desire for perfection creates imperfection. It is what it is – perfection if all a figment of mental creation.

You are deep blue ocean. Storms will come and go, like waves. Expect them and accept them. You pass through them world like a cloud, without getting too much touched/entangled by the storms or desires or dissapointments.

The moment you are dead, all desires and dissapointments cease to exist.

If you think you will be free/better/whatever sometime in future, then forget it, it is not going to happen ! You are free RIGHT NOW !!


Guru brahma, guru vishnu…..

On naman shivay (3 times)

Four Pillars

  1. Faith (on yourself that you can do it, faith in the process, faith in the divine that you are the chosen one)
  2. Feel the connection with the Guru
  3. You are not the doer, just an instrument/medium
  4. Be natural – no drama


One of my desires just fulfilled ! I bring my happiness, enthusiasm, and warmth to every situation and interaction. The childhood patterns were just patterns, not my natural self – the guru tatwa just cut through those patterns patterns.

I am now ready to Bless…to Give….



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