Triple S (Sex, Stocks, Screen)

Today, I am making these positive choices for myself, to break free from the following tendencies.

  1.  Sex: sex is fine, but having it grip your mind constantly is unhealthy and bad for a good happy life. It manifests itself as frequently looking at people around in sexual ways (e.g. looking at womens legs), watching and looking for erotic content on Netflix, or browsing for similar content on YouTube, etc. Time to move on to better, more energizing things !
  2. Stocks/finance: I am at a good place financially, and will be at a much much better place five years from now. So break free from constantly thinking about stocks/investments/finance, etc. Stock checking at most once a week. No more constantly looking to invest. Give it a break.
  3. Screen Time: default tendency to open up Netflix/Amazon Video and keep browsing. Open the phone and browse between Apps. Stop doing that. Take control of my time.

So, time to cut out the above Triple S (Sex, Stocks, Screen) !

….and in the spirit of cutting out the “S” word: I also cut out SUGAR from my diet. Now we are talking !

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June 28, 2019

Those sound like very positive changes!

June 28, 2019

@thediarymaster Thanks !