Another Period

I am in love with the show mysteries at the museum, but just found about the show Another Period. It’s so funny! But I still have love for glee, and Buffy and Angel. Pretty little liars left me a long time ago.  It doesn’t hold my interest like it used to, and I really didn’t like the ending.  It was too weird.  I’ll see you next entry!



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September 12, 2018

I also love Mysteries at the Museum.  Never heard of Another Period.  I loved Glee and Buffy, but in their later seasons, they both ventured into places I just felt they didn’t belong.  Angel was good.  Pretty Little Liars seemed too young for me.
I don’t really watch any fictional shows, anymore.  My boyfriend (he’s 50 so it feels weird calling him that) likes reality TV like LivePD or Moutain Men.  I like them too.  So that’s pretty much what we stick with.  And documentaries.