Super Bowl weekend!

Hey everyone! Are we excited about the big game? I honestly think the commercials will be the best part, seeing what doritos comes out with and such.  Maybe Alexa will come out with a better commercial than last year? Hmmmmm…..I guess we’ll have to find out won’t we?  Yesterday, I went to the library and got a few books, what with the weather being super nice and all.  (It’s february in KS, and 54 degrees out, can anyone explain that?!) Anyway, I think I’ll just go over to my mom and dad’s house for the Super Bowl seeing as she’s fixing crispy chicken wings.  Completed my swagbucks today, (50 SB are easy to earn, despite it all)  and I might check out some new books on the which book website, BUT since I have to feed my dog soon, I might hold off on that.  (4pm is his usual feeding time!)


Hope you guys come out for Sundays game! I know I’ll be rooting for SOMEBODY to win, I just won’t say who!




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