weight loss journey

My weight loss journey is working pretty well so far.  It’s all about yerba mate tea, and like those 1.00 pouches of tuna that you can get at the grocery store that contain tons of fish oil (duh) and omega threes. (yerba mate is like a diet tea I guess.) I do splurge on soda stream (1-2 glasses a day) soda but I try to keep on the healthy side.  Cooking has really helped me, just making stuff from scratch so I know what’s going in it.  I’m trying to avoid salty foods, like canned soup and stuff. (including mexican and chinese. Salt tends to bloat you.) At my heaviest, a few days ago I was 215, but now I’m down to 211 so it’s progress, albeit slow progress.  Although, I never used to eat seafood, and now I’m realizing that tuna creations really isn’t that bad, and healthier than I once thought!  I had the least caloric menu at wendy’s today for a late lunch, delivered from door dash.  (a grilled chicken sandwich, med. ice tea, side salad. Nothing big) I could cut out the soda, admittedly, but after THAT fast, I would just go back on it again. So back to dr. pete I go, and off to find something else healthy to eat! My favorite food so far is hot honey shake and bake chicken from the new chrissy teigen cookbook.  Tomorrow I was thinking I would splurge at the supermarket and do the huge sourdough sandwich ball! It’s gotta be better than anything fried.  (double ugh)



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