Ed Sheeran knows wtf hes talking about

Good Morning Yall, or Afternoon, Or Night, Or whatever the hell you want it to be.

Today i was on my way to get lunch, still somewhat dieting but i knew this turkey sandwich was going to be super worth it so im just trucking along the road while listening to an ed sheeran interview with the breakfast club on youtube. Ed Sheeran is such a humble, sweet, talented man. I was so intrigued because ive never actually heard him speak before. Hes such a great guy, i could feel his pisces energy through the screen tbh, so i decided to listen to the only 3 songs i have of his downloaded on my phone and then BOOM. Thinking of you plays first. Such a great song right? NO. ITS AMAZING. I legitimately started crying my eyes out like someone just killed my dog. I started thinking about getting married to my boyfriend and how much i love him and how deep and true our love is, and how much he loves me, and how i didnt even think that was possible for me, and how he loves me for me RIGHT NOW and how he makes me want to be the best version of me, and how i didnt even really want my own kids until i met him and realized i would LOVE to see what the manifestation of our love in another body would look like, and how loving he is towards me, and how much i feel like hes a MAN i can rely on, and just how super fucking lucky i am to have met him and fallen in love with him. Before him i was literally single for 6 years. I dont want to say i gave up on love but i definitely thought that what i wanted was impossible to find, i definitely thought that i would end up settling for a man who at least ticks off SOME of the boxes but NO. I found someone that ticks off ALLL OF THEM. in fact, he so perfect for me that i almost develop more boxes with him that he automatically ticks off, like this man was legitimately created for me. I dont even know what i did to get so lucky. Its honestly overwhelming.

He’s going to move to my city soon, im so excited for that. Im not going to fully move in with him just as yet, because i want him to establish himself in this city before putting all that kind of pressure on him, plus, i still live with family and pay half of the bills there so i cant leave them high and dry. My family member does plan on leaving the state this summer so by that time i will consider if moving in is the right decision for us. Im pretty sure it will be but i dont wanna rush the process. I lived with a man before, and within 3-6 months it was over LOL so i definitely want to take moving in withhim seriously. But ill be honest, im pretty sure we’re gonna get married and have 10 million babies. I will give birth to the stallion that mounts the world. (if you get the reference youre invited to my wedding LOL)

Im just super duper happy and im literally flying out to his state and meeting his mom this weekend. Pray for me because i literally hate meeting parents, it scares the fuck out of me and i feel like i have no filter and sometimes say dumb shit so i hope i dont put my foot in my mouth and i hope she likes me. My boyfriend said she will but men are dumb. I explained to him “what does ur mom like” etc so i could get her a gift and this man said she has no hobbies and i dont have to get her anything….. DURING THE DAMN HOLIDAYS. And today he texted me and said that his mom actually got me something but to act suprised when i get it. LOL men are so dumb. so i was right and we will be getting her a plant when i arrive. I dont know what im going to wear but im thinking of this sweater dress thingy or jeans and a tshirt, im not sure yet, plus shes making dinner. He told me that he specifically said NO BEANS, lol. i love him, cause i deadass hate beans and even the sight of it would make me gag. Hes so sweet. So i will definitely update this when its over and let you know how it went.

Love and Light to everyone !!! I can truly only wish everybody in the world could feel even 1% of what i feel right now. The purpose of life is to love. And i have found my purpose in him. Literally the corniest shit ive ever thought/wrote/said in my head. Brb, gonna puke now. <3

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