hey girl, heyyyy

im backkkk lol.


well i havent written in here for a while because honestly, ive been pretty happy. im super in love with my new boyfriend. its so crazy cause i lowkey thought i would never love again lol. i keep telling people “when you know, you just know” because its corny and its true. I also havent written in a while because he came down here for halloween weekend (and stayed almost two weeks) and ive been distracted.

my diet is going pretty good, i gained a little when he was here but thats ok. im still not over eating and eating healthy.

a part of me thought i was pregnant and i actually wanted it ??? i dont know who i am anymore. the cold hearted bitch is finally melting. wild, wild stuff.


i still keep a close eye on my temper and my sharp tongue, i dont want this relationship to be like many in my past where ive said and done things i can never take back. other than that im pretty happy tbh.


i started working on a scrapbook at home so thats been fun. its not as themed as id like it to be but fuck it, my life has no theme.


the only thing that scares me about pregnancy is what the fuck am i gonna do with my life if im not drinking wine and watching netflix? i have little to no other hobbies lol. not drinking for 9 months sounds like literal torture. thank god im not pregnant though. bout to have a glass of wine and clean my room as soon as i go home today lol.

thats all i have.

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November 16, 2021

I have had several pregnancy scares (and several pregnancies).  There was always a soft, nurturing part of myself who wanted to be pregnant.  I imagined myself as The Empress in the tarot – sedate, satisfied, and regal.

I’m glad you are happy and I’m glad you are back to writing on OD.

November 16, 2021

Welcome back!