I like to type with purpose but i dont really have one today so im just gonna type away.

My diet is going well but the thing is you have to be consistent. I hate that lol. I literally lost 22lbs now its 15. Annoying. Eating in a deficit is basically starve yourself until youre at a weight where you dont have to starve, just maintain. Dumb as hell. But i dont wanna be a fat bitch so, theres that.

Im addicted to my boyfriend. hehehe, boyfriend. Hes out hunting right now, how fucking hot is that? I think about him constantly. Super happy i found the love ive been searching for. I will murder him if he ever does me wrong. No questions asked. Next time we see eachother is halloween weekend. I always thought long distance relationships were dumb but theyre really not, especially when youre a psycho like me that has his location on at all times. I never did that in any other relationship ever, it actually just started as me wanting to see his cute little face travel across the country to see me and travel back but he hasnt taken it off and im literally addicted to it now. I have issues, i know LOL

I got high (weed) for the first time in a long ass time and i ate 3 slices of double chocolate cake, two glasses of milk and a fuck ton of goldfish crackers. Completely ruined my diet LOL i couldnt help it though, it was so fucking good, i felt like i discovered God in that cake LOL

Gotta get back on my diet stuff though, when you lose a little and stop, its more annoying then never trying to lose in the first place. Weight just loves to come right the fuck back. Truly the only way is to simply starve and starve long enough to not have to starve again. And by starve i mean intermittent fasting, so relax karen.

I so hangy rn tbh. Gonna have a godly ass chicken burger, 380 cals. Which is a lot but im gonna work out today. Neeeeeeed to get back into yoga. I cant be a rigid bitch that cant be flexible at my young ass age and also because i have a man now and i must teach the pussy to be talented, to do cartwheels. LOL k byeeeeeeeeeee

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September 29, 2021

Don’t get too obsessed w calorie deficit make sure to eat whenever you are hungry

they can b so controlling omg 😯😯😥👻😿 THE EMOJIS LOOK SO UFNNy

September 30, 2021

@holly1377 hahahahah love the emojis girl, and honestly, i dont think you should really eat whenever youre hungry……. i mean yeah ok, maybe a snack. but eat an apple, not a big mac, you know?

October 3, 2021

@icanttypewithnails Yeah yeah obv but like Your body is telling you that it needs food and you might just be thirsty but if you really hungry dont just like let a bunch of calories control you and tell you you can’t

September 30, 2021

Oh lordy, I just ate an ENTIRE pound cake thanks to weed.  I don’t think it goes well with dieting.  I’m glad you have someone but remember, you are fine just as YOU.

September 30, 2021

@novembercirese  LOOOOOL the whole cake omfg, i know the feeling lol. and thank you, i love him so much lol. and he loves me for me, at the fattest ive ever been in my life. it was kinda shocking at first. but, whewwww. i guess good men still exist….. or men that love fat bitches anyways LOL