The Beginning Of The Beginning.

Ok so i basically fell in love. LOL finally found the one i think….. I think i will be with him and love him forEVER *😜* because i started an irl diary and i havent done that since i was a child. LOL. I dont think im going to delete this account and honestly, im exhausted just thinking about him 24/7 to go in depth about everything so, for my own records, heres the cliff notes.


  • He drove 23 hours (one way) and 26 hours back to meet me……… yes, this is psychotic, but i am crazy so i only respect truly crazy men.
  • Hes the same sign as me, which makes us so alike, which i love. He seems like a best friend + future husband combo, but im a hot head, im stubborn, im A LOT. so thinking about having a man thats just the same is…..just…… a huge red flag LOL
  • Hes so sweet and romantic (this wont be in chronological order) he came to my job on the last day (had to work, told him to sleep in because of the drive home) and before he left he came by and brought me flowers and all that cute shit…. i usually hate that stuff. i guess the “when other men do it” was silent LOL
  • Hes very manly but a gentleman. Opens all doors, pays for everything, let me listen to a stupid time share pitch at cabelas and when i fell for it and got deep they asked for 179 upfront and my dumbass was gonna pay it and even though he thought it was dumb, he paid for it looool After a week a read the fine print and had his money returned but still. its the thought that counts ladies.
  • the penis was perfectly sized and amazing, i came multiple times LOOOOOOOOOOOL sorry, i had to add that.
  • were perfectly synced, like making out with him makes me feel like a teenager again :$
  • we both are picky eaters and he took me to a super expensive steak restaurant. i ESPECIALLY like the fact that he found the restaurant, he booked the reservation, he planned out the date and it was in my city, a city hes never been into. MEN THAT ACT LIKE THEY KNOW HOW TO USE GOOGLE >>> instead of asking you, the woman, what to do and where to go. Women hate planning their own dates, its depressing. in my opinion at least.
  • Although we did have fun and do activities, we also had just as much fun cuddling in the hotel room, eating takeout and watching movies. I watched this denzel movie John something, that made me cry. He was very sweet and understanding about that….. (long story short, muh dads dying)
  • we took cute pictures so i could show him off to all of my friends (def was not a girl like that before him LOL)
  • he kissed my forehead and told me he loves me……….

Listen i know this is quick and happened fast. I also know that this is how abusers act in the beginning. But yall dont know me. Men dont beat me up. I beat up men. So dont worry to much about that. I dont think he has a death wish, just a big…….. heart ❤


We met (physically) on 9-3-2021.

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September 23, 2021

dont ever let him go omg


September 23, 2021

@holly1377 girlllll i will never, in fact, if he ever cheats i will fucking murder him and they will cite this comment in this blog LOL

September 24, 2021
September 23, 2021

I wish you and he nothing but the best.  Revel in the unwinding of your life.

September 23, 2021

@novembercirese ahaha thank you!! it does feel like an unwinding, a release valve if you will. <333