No, you can NOT pet dat dawg

I have pretty pink nails on and my eyebrows are literally so perfect i could die. I could drop a few lbs tho./

Anyways i met up with Sid; It was ok. I didnt feel passionate burning love like i felt like i was supposed to …

Its actually so weird because I dont remember the last time i ever felt like i was madly in love and the only time i kinda felt it, the relationship was toxic? So maybe its not even a real thing?

Hes also kind of a pussy and i hate that. I also was sure to avoid the “will you be my girlfriend” question, because 1. its a no and 2. i dont want to be anyones girlfriend. like ew. no. why? for what? IN A PANDEMIC????? lol

I didnt have sex with him, for anyone wondering. It wasnt really about that for me. I know he would have wanted to but obviously its not up to him lol.

Questions for the class:

  1. Are sparks created or found?
  2. Is being in love even a thing anymore?
  3. Whats worse, being alone or thinking you want to be alone?
  4. I think i dont want kids, but how do i know for sure? im 26.
  5. How do i change the habit of liking a guy on paper but when we actually meet up, im just not that into it?

Anyways, the only things that truly make me happy are travelling alone, binge watching a good series, wine and the occasional choke stroke (lol kidding…or am i?)


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April 13, 2021

Found, and bitch you are most definitely looking.
It is, at least i hope so, maybe it isnt in the way i think it is because what i thought it was wuz toxic.
 Damn thats a good one. Thinking you want to be alone, because if you still have to think really hard about it then you havent accepted it yet where as being alone you already gave up and are letting the numbness of being alone consume you completely. Yikes.
I have no idea how the fuck youre gonna manage this one sis. I think you just have to get randomly pregnant by a man who you can actually build a family with and because you are on the wrong side of 25 its not like you can get an abortion so youre just gonna have to do that shit. Might go back to ya hometown though. I CANNOT HAVE A BABY ALONE. LIKE CAN THE FUCK NOT.
BITCH. You still cant figure that the fuck out. I would say, because im about to go on a date with a new guy, is be very dumbly attracted to them. Like your old mexican bae, dumb as fuck but FINE AS HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Stick to that and even though there might be the same amount of disappointment, at least theyll be hot so you’ll not second guess your actions more and you can just be young dumb and full of cum instead of bland, damned and preeing mans. (ha! i like that LOL)

Praying for that choke stroke sis. Hopefully this friday? or not. Idk. <3


April 13, 2021

idk why it didnt add the numbers smh. you can figure it out tho

September 23, 2021

From someone whos in loveeeeeeeeee and a girlfriend!

Found….. hard to find but found sis, found.
Yes. What i have is new but its still love cause it will suck if it ends and it would have sucked if i didnt dive in. (’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all-Alfred Lord Tennyson)
….. youre still scared of having kids but not wanting them? yeah no. the with HIM was silent.
find the right one. when you know you know but honestly, im proud of you for always looking though. <3