#ThemeOfTheWeek82 ; Shittiest emotion

If you could stop one human emotion from existing, which one would it be?


Restlessness. I hate that shit.

I dont want to do anything, but i feel like i want to do everything, but im lazy + a fuck ton of anxiety?

Such a stupid state to be in.

I feel like i get it because im fat and i dont move around as much as i should. That could just be a side effect from self hate though.

Either way, that emotion is dumb. When choosing an emotion i googled the opposite of restlessness and i want to explain that i dont mean the lack of sleep, i mean the anxiety you get when you just cant sit still and your thoughts are on 1000 for no fucking reason and your heart feels like its on meth.

Sleeping is easy, just get drunk or rub one out. lol

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