Job Interviews and such

This week was pretty busy for me. Matt left Tuesday morning to go out of town to Austin. I had the rest of the week to myself to cram in piano lessons and soccer, prepping for 2 interviews and going to Eliza’s piano recital last night. The piano recital was nice to be a part of. The people watching was good entertainment and some of these kids can really play. Eliza was the first student to go and did a great job stating her name, age and that she was going to play Yankee Doodle to about 150 people. She played really well and took a little bow at the end. So sweet. 🙂

The interviews I’m going on… I *think* I did well during both of them. The first was Wednesday after work. It’s a split Art 1 position between the High School and a Junior High. I’m not thrilled about the idea of the split, however, I’ve fully come to the realization that I CANNOT be an elementary art teacher for the rest of my life. I’ve spent 10 years at the elementary level and I’m certified to teach up until the 12th grade. I’m worried I’ve pigeon-holed myself into elementary art and that I cannot get out of it. I know I can very much do any middle or high school level art; I’m just waiting for someone to see that and rescue me from what is a full-time non-stop job of servicing 970 students on my own in art class. Next year, our enrollment will be 1100 students, and the year following will be 1300. I’m fortunate enough to have a partner teacher join me to help me with this load, however, they still want all 1100 students to run through me, as well as all 1100 students run through the second art teacher… we would just see them less days. As you could probably tell, I’m not thrilled with this news at all. Splitting the 1100 would be a fabulous situation instead.

The area that my school pulls from is a nice area. These parents have money to burn. But the students? I don’t know. They’re rude and a lot of them look unkempt. It’s a really bizarre phenomenon. Their dad could work overseas half the year, but they’re rolling into school wearing shorts, socks and Crocs when it’s 40 degrees outside. Is anyone in this house paying attention to what the kids are wearing? That it’s cold out? Maybe to brush their hair? Possibly teach them please and thank you? Maybe eye-contact? Teach them to tie their shoes? I feel sorry for them, but then I don’t.

The second interview is for a Journalism adviser role. I’ve played both sides of the field for this one for many years. High school yearbook all 4 years, college yearbook all 4 years, yearbook sales rep with 30 accounts for 2 years… before I started teaching. This combines my love of design, photography and writing all in one. Kind of my dream job, really. I cannot hold my breath though. There could be teachers waiting in the ranks to take this job, and the person leaving could insist that one of her friends takes over. The good news is that the principal personally called me the day he found out the journalism adviser was resigning, that she was staying at home with her son. It’s not even posted online, not that I check twice a day or anything. 🙂 The principal asked me if I would prefer the art job or the journalism job that they have at their school and I told him journalism was my first choice. He never asked to see my art portfolio or anything, so I’m taking that as a sign. I was there for about and hour and a half.

The rest of this weekend is filled with soccer and relaxing. The weather here is gorgeous and I really need to get outside and take it all in. My back and hips are tight right now, so I did some light yoga to try and limber up. We shall see if that helps. Hopefully we can indulge in some awesome food this weekend somewhere. I need a break! 🙂

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