Open Diary 2.0

OH MY LAWD! Open Diary! We are back up and running?! Can I get a what what!? 😀


I’m thrilled! Nerdiest news but the best news when I got the email to log on again. 🤓 At the time that they went offline, I just gave birth to Paige and I was in my stage of not knowing what time or day it was, burp cloth on my shoulder, haven’t showered today and it’s 3:00pm…I could go on and on.

NippityNip, whom I hope will return to OD, reached out to me and told me to download my diary, as they were shutting down. In the midst of everything, I somehow missed the window of time to download my stuff. I was upset about it. I started this diary in 2001, and before that, have written in journals since I was six.

I took a second to go back in time to entries I had long forgotten about. 98% of them were cringeworthy. Really. Cringeworthy. From dating, to jargon, to stories of friendships gained and lost, I cringed. But, such is life.

So much has changed since my last entry. I need time to get it all out here. I started writing in an old-school journal during the non-OD years. I marvel at how much time I had to write in my old entries. How long they are. And I’m a woman of few words! Do I have that amount of time now? No way. But life it good, and I’m happy to be back.

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