Just another thing to keep me up at night

Have you ever had one of those nights where you have millions of things to worry about and sleep actually comes easily because you’re exhausted? I like to believe that those nights your brain deals with those things while you sleep in your dreams because you can not other wise deal with them while your conscious. Ugh Monday. I’m afraid today is going to be sour because I’m already making bad choices. Sleep was so good last night and my bed was so comfortable that I’m still in my bed, and my nine o clock class started seven minutes ago. I didn’t do my homework for it so that was even more motivation to not go.


Music History at nine in the morning was someone’s really idiotic idea, that needs to be a class right before lunch. Not after lunch because that’s just as bad as nine a.m. because everyone is in the sleep provoking sleep coma state. The teacher is nuts too. I’m really glad to have an OD because that teacher as a facebook and reads my ish so it’s so nice to be able to talk freely! I’m still a little paranoid that this could be found, but not really.


So my day wont be sour. I can decide how to start my day when I get out of this bed. I’ll just keep making good decisions, take a shower, turn in my homework assignment late, it’ll be whatever. 


Ugh, I so do not want to go to work today


Here is more fact about me: I work as a teller at Bank of America. People are winey and complain and think that I as a teller can solve their problems. News flash people of the world, tellers have no power! Take your issues to customer service. Sorry I had to get that out. I swear though that my bank is geologically positioned that a large majority of the learning disabled people come to us specifically. I’m not kidding, we get the crazies. If you knew my personality better you’d think that I was just being mean but in all seriousness they’re literally nuts.


The one thing that I have to look forward to tonight is my mission group training time. Oh, you have no idea what I’m talking about. More fact about me, the university I go to I’m going on a trip to a country to share the gospel with the people of that country and I’m going with a group of eight other students and we have training for that tonight. I’m not looking forward to it for the right reasons. There’s a person there that I am very interested in getting to know better. Which it’s sick that I am doing this for the wrong reasons. 


Just another thing to keep me up at night: My moral decisions. Ugh My life sometimes.

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