Time, the healer

Filled with the desire to emit negative energy from my pores, I’m taking a moment to acknowledge that even though I could be doing more, I have made progress that seemed difficult when looking at it from the beginning.

Some facets of this work and journey have become more manageable without me really trying. The parts that I’m not managing well are also not hopeless because I’m still within my time frame of submission.

I’ve just been spending so much energy on how overwhelming this all is, that it’s become it’s own source of energy drain.

I managed to forget that this is still achievable and a great chance to surprise myself.

The word “Breathe” comes to mind.

Life’s not so bad.

I have been managing the bare minimum, and maybe that’s ok, perhaps I could have been doing worse.

I’ll at least try not to lose complete faith in myself, because that’s super depressing.

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