Flew in from Groote Eylandt yesterday. Took Brandon to his Grandmothers’ place to pick up his ute then I went to Chemist warehouse, Dan Murphys’, and stopped in at Kevs’ for a beer before driving home.

Drove straight to the post office to pick up my parcel, then IGA, then home. Red was really happy to see me.

Darryl came over for a couple of beers.

Had T-Bone for tea, slept on the outside couch at 9:30 pm, woke up this morning at 6am. Took my ute to sheps and dropped off the sides to be painted, then dropped the ute off to the window tinters. Had breakfast at VKs’, then got a taxi home to meet someone coming around to buy the round table. Sold it for $50. Did a load of washing. Tried to re-install the kitchen screen, but all the outside clips were broken and my ladder wasn’t tall enough. Measured up the verandah so I know how much decking oil to buy. Pulled apart the outside bench seat to re-juvinate it. Called a taxi and went to pick up my ute. Went to Bunnings, the kebab shop for a couple of dim sims, the pet store, coffee works for more coffee, the sports store, the spray painters, IGA, the pub, then home.

The bloke came round to pick up the ute box. I started preping chicken adobo but it was getting late so I left it in the marinade overnight and just had spag bol from the freezer.

Watched Aqua-Man and was in bed by 11pm.

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