Might as well post.

I am trying to forgive myself for allowing him to hurt me over and over for four years. Ive finally had enough. I did everything for him and he was never appreciative of it. He got one of him stimulus checks finally and after spending over 20 grand on him, he only gives me 200. Not even that it was like 160.  I said to him the day that he got it, I wanted a ring and a bracelet from him and he turned around and asked me how much is that gonna cost me. Im like I never asked you that when I was dishing out money to you. I did everything I could for that man. I got him 5 pair of slides, I got him tons of clothes, I got him 3 phones that he never took care of. All I wanted was the ring I deserved and a bracelet that matches. That night he picked a fight with me and Im done. I put his new number (since he got a cell phone and not me one) on block and his old number from DUO on block. Im tired of being his punching bag. Im tired period. There comes a time when you’ve had enough and Ive had enough! The only thing that pisses me off is this is something else that I have to get over.

So today, Im going to Dollar Tree with Sylvia and was supposed to go to the ER for a abscessed tooth. Its infection is gone and almost back to normal. However, Im going to call Denta Quest today to find out what I have to do to get my teeth started on. And also how to find out information about getting help with getting my own apartment. I need to start calling around.

Other than that I gotta reschedule a few things and call for a new pcp.

I need to move out of this house for sure.

The landlord/director of the independant living program changes her mind to much. I follow behind her and do what she tells me then later in the game she gets mad at me and says Im wrong.

Ive had it up to here with living here and told her I will no longer make decisions for this house, Im not gonna be a verbal punching bag for a manager housing situation when Im going to be doing everything wrong from what she told me.

Last example was when this girl was sitting in our house that didnt live here. We were told from jump no guests. I said that to TIffany (who likes to break all the rules) and told her I was told only case managers here. The girl lives in our other program house and was getting pissy with what i said. When got loud with me, I got loud right back. You aren’t going to rail road me and disrespect me in my mouse. Then after the situation left, the director said she was apart of the program. I said you need to be telling me what rules you changing I was told no one but case managers were allowed in without permission from the other girls and you. Now I’m wrong. I said Im doing being the house manager this is the third situation youve ignored me on.

SO Im no longer house manager. And now since the guys house manager left, they are going through it. Ones been spiraling for a week and one tried to have his girlfriend spend the night.

This is too much for me.

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