An echo from the past

I miss the times you were there with me..

When you imprissioned me,by setting me free.

I loved you o girl..with all my heart..

Though i knew it’d end..from the very start..

I remember how u made mr feel.. that everything’s so greaatt..

But you were in such a hurry…that you couldnt wait..

You chose your path and i chose mine..

I hoped our love..was like a bottle of wine…

I loved you o girl as if you were my last..

O this time.. it flew so fast..

I wish you were there, to see my worst..

You were my water..and i was your thirst..

You loved me for real..i could see that in your eyes..

But in the end it was all about goodbyes..

I write this note..with a dagger in my heart…

My love was the artist..and my pain is the art!

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