Disconcerting dream

Last night, I dreamt that I went to an old friends house, and just as soon as I got there, I had to leave to go back to Toronto back to my evil foster mum. I didn’t want to leave. It was just weird… I felt sad, and hopelessness. But as I got back to consciousness, I realized that it was just a nightmare.

So how are you guys these days? On the 11th of June, we are free as a boid! I am going back to the library, and I am getting Tomodachi Life 2.

Bees just went with her mama to pick up her Bipap machine. I am going to play the Sims 3 now. I have to download some worlds though.

I woke up about 20 mins ago from a nap…


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3 weeks ago

sending you a big hug!!!! dreams can feel so real

3 weeks ago

@kaliko ty Kat 🙂

3 weeks ago

I go Press here to sort out my dreams.  It’s a really good site.  And yay for the library!!

3 weeks ago

@novembercirese Thank you Cirese. 🙂