Fuck these titles..

Why the fuck do we need titles anyways??? My sister got her iPad mini back from her brother Michael but forgot to ask her dad the passcode, I tried 123456 and 000000…. nope, Bees tried her birthdate … nope. So she will phone her father at 11a. I hate when they don’t include the bloody code. So unless you have the code, your system is bricked. 🙁 Shitfuck.

My score this morning was 4.7 and then after breakie it was 5.6 and now it’s 9.8 so it’s in target. 🙂

Fuck diabetes, fuck iPads that don’t have a good code that you can get a hold of, and fuck headaches. I’ve got one.

My sister Bees is beside me. She makes my day every day in every way.

Mom is proud of my scores. I am happy.


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August 19, 2021

You can just write in the date.

August 23, 2021

@skobru True Scott but my dates are melded together these days, I have no idea which day is which lololol

August 20, 2021

Good on your for your scores!!  And I hope you got the code for the iPad.  Sooo frustrating when  you can’t use your gear.

August 23, 2021

@novembercirese She got it. TY sweetie.