Hot fun in the Summertime!

Good evening… I haven’t posted in awhile eh? Well, not much is up. I have been enjoying my new Switch. I use it to play the two games I bought awhile ago, Pokemon Shield and Let’s Go Eevee. And of course, Youtube. To watch Steve or Criminally Listed or any of the channels I sub to. Usually it’s CL. I am addicted to true crime videos. Death fascinates me. IDKY though. Always has and most likely always will. I love the videos on Jack the Ripper, in particular, this one. I used to frequent when it was around and I love post mortem photography, I find it all morbidly interesting.

Just saying, you know?

My day was boring but good. I went out for snacks with Bees after supper. Paula comes tomorrow at 1p to relieve Mom. 🙂 I am going to not do a hell of a lot this weekend or the following week/weekend. Bees is going to see her parents and siblings for Father’s Day. I will be thinking about my own father heavily. I miss the relationship we could have had if my birth mother hadn’t been a selfish bitch and deny him access to me. Sunday, Bees goes with fam to Happy restaurant and orders breakfast to go…

Well.. I’d best be updating my DW. I think I will copy/paste the link onto said journal. Too tired to do anything else.

Yours always,

Sammy xoxo

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June 17, 2021

Are you sure she was a selfish cow?  I denied most access to my boys because their father was an alcoholic redneck who believed that being left-handed was wrong and would slap my baby’s hand when he reached for things.  He was white trash and I didn’t want my boys around that.

I don’t have plans for this weekend.  I might do some sewing.  Idk.

June 18, 2021

@novembercirese Yes, my mother put me up for adoption (never happened btw, was a foster child my entire life) and my dad wanted to keep me. 🙁