le Soleil et la Lune

For those whose French is rusty, that is the Sun and the Moon, based of a play on my natal chart above.. just a little tidbit. So how are all my sweethearts? Good I hope. 🙂 I am doing good. I had beef hash for supper and while very heavy on the onions was very nice.

I am getting pin tomorrow morning. Dave had something done to his eyes and can’t drive up to Newmarket tonight. $250 with the extra $100 for my birthday. I am definitely going to the mall Friday afternoon. That is set in stone.

Bees is getting her hair done Friday morning and we have the aft to ourselves. Bees and I might get a mani-pedi if the price is right and I just might get just a mani… my toes are gnarly. I haven’t used that word in ages… not since the 80’s LOL!!

I cannot wait for my birthday. It is going to be epic. Tomorrow is “Canada” day but to me, it is just another day. Sometimes I wish that I was American.


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