New water bottle and mask!

So, today I went with Bees and Julz to Dollarama and bought this waterbottle as I needed a new one. And my Yankees mask arrived this afternoon. 😀 Everything is copacetic. 😀 I have to drink at least 5 of these bottles a day Mom said. It will help with my diabetes and overall health. 🙂

I am just listening to Taylor Swift on my iPad. Yes, I took my old iPad back. I’m not going to get the mini. I want to save money for November… bc a) my sister Bees’s birthday and b) Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. I am getting both. I am going to take out at least $750 in November. 🙂 That should be enough for a decent topaz ring, and also my games. 😀

I had a terrific Greek salad tonight along with chicken parm. ❤ Paula and her cooking. 😀

I am going to listen to Tegan and Sara now. I love their song ‘I was a Fool’.

Sammy xoxo

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