Waking up in a dream…

Good morning to you… how are my lovelies today? Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you thought it was real? Like being awake in a dream. I just had one. I woke up at around 4a-5a, and played some of my story games, but then, fell back to sleep until 7:45a and had this incredible dream. I was trying to find a CD .. yepp a CD, amongst some other stuff. It was a Brazillian jazz CD by Gilberto Gil.. Esperando na Janela. But for the life of me couldn’t find it… I wanted to show Bola it. I love that song… instead of that, I put on Taylor Swift’s Me feat. Brendon Urie of P!ATD.

Weird eh? I don’t know what it all means… and it was one of those dreams that leaves you tired when you wake up as if you were really doing something… I don;t know if it is my sleep paralysis? Or whatever?

Anyways, I will write as soon as I have a better grasp on reality.


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2 weeks ago

Sorry you had nightmares. What a strange dream! Had you been listening to music before you fell asleep?

2 weeks ago

@darkmadonna Not really. :/

2 weeks ago

Oh, I have those dreams and nightmares all the time. I violently dislike the ones that have me waking up with anxiety or pissed off at someone beyond measure. I’m sure they have some sort of meaning. I can remember fairly far back, actually, where I dreamt that my mom betrayed me with a baby I had. I know exactly what that one was. Maybe one day I’ll write about that. Got enough negative “mom stuff” to last me a lifetime.

2 weeks ago

@caria Me too Carina. My birth mother was a basketcase.