The Bruises He Left

i forgot to mention R’s way of flirting. R wanted a lot of attention from me and he would kind of get frustrated when i didn’t give it too him. He would start digging his fingers into my sides and laugh. He also would push me to the ground and pin me down. My old friends would witness this and do nothing. I looked in the mirror one day and saw big dark bruises going up and down my sides. I started to cry because i thought this would never stop. I showed my friend Josh one time and he said nothing about it. I was 16 and scared. I was scared to tell my parents because they knew him for years and I know they would have freaked out. I already said in my previous writing that all my friends kicked me out of the friend group because they could tell I didn’t want to be around R and they loved him. It was 2 and a half years ago but i still feel anxious and scared when I see my old friend group.

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