Day two of silence

I’m still blocked.

He broke up with me when he blocked me.  He didn’t mean to, I guess.

But I don’t do breaks.  And what else could this be posing as?  I’m just supposed to back off until you’re ready to talk?  I have no idea if he’s over there having ended things.  I have no idea if he’s blaming me.

So it’s over.  I packed up his stuff.  His stuff and everything he ever bought for me.  And wrote him a letter.

So when one person in the relationship cuts the other person off, that’s a termination.  He did not ask for space.  He told me to go away.  To stop talking to him.  And later I facebook messaged him and he accosted me for violating his boundary.


So now.  I let him go.  I can grieve the loss of him, of our friendship. But I move on, too.  I know I’ll be ok.  I just wish this hadn’t all been so sudden.

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August 12, 2019

Men can be real %*#× sometimes.