Get off my lawn volume 1

This is the first in I am sure a series of rants.  I am generally a positive person but sometimes stuff just really cheeses me and I need to vent

  • People walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk: I get that in other countries people drive or walk on the ‘wrong’ side, but when you’re walking dead on in front of me, in my ‘lane’ you can bet that I am not moving
  • Sidewalks part 2: They go both ways. Don’t walk 4 a breast. I again won’t budge (depending on my mood) and you will get an earful if you happen to bump into me
  • Priuses:  No explanation needed
  • Taking food for a meeting and not staying for the meeting:  Where I work this is rampant. Leave it alone, or attend the meeting.  You make a LOT of money, you’re not starving (or maybe you are, it costs a crap ton to live here)
  • Lack of followup: I get it, not everyone is like me and has a high level of customer service.  But if you’re in a customer service job like facilities, if someone submits a ticket, answer them, follow up!  Can’t work in a vacuum!

Geez it’s not even 9am and I am already in need of some time on the meditation cushion!

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July 30, 2019

I had no clue there was a right side to walk on a sidewalk???? learn something every day

July 30, 2019

@kaliko It’s the same as driving your car. Slower drivers keep to the right so that you use the left to pass.  Keeping to the right on the sidewalk allows others to pass on your left side.  Can’t do that if someone is coming straight at you! 🙂